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Guizhou Guizhou stands up the earth tower crane industry

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In November 22nd 013, Guizhou Guizhou force Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. set up the first "made in Guizhou" tower crane, this is also the Guizhou Guizhou force Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. of Guizhou to fill the blank of the creative industry, erected in the tower crane at the same time, also set up Guizhou and Guizhou Guizhou worker firm faith, as long as we work hard for us.
The erection of the first Guizhou independent production tower fills the gap in the industrial field of the tower crane industry in Guizhou. Tested by the national special equipment inspection institute, Liaoning Academy of safety Sciences, the main test data of the first QTZ125 series QG6016 tower crane manufactured by Guizhou Guizhou Li Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. all reached the national A-level index.

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