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The installation of the first tower of our company is completed

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Guizhou Qian Li Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd the first tower downline and successful vertical tower
In November 22, 2013, the first tower crane of Guizhou Guizhou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully released and successfully erected. The construction of the first tower crane vertical tower started from workshop to less than a year. Successfully created a Guiding speed, of course there are so fast, thanks to the support and help of the Guiding county Party committee and government and relevant departments, thanks to the development of district cadres and workers to the service hours of the day and night, thanks to the work of Guizhou every employee pay sweat. The production, installation and trial of the first tower crane of the company have played an active role in the company's full investment in production and the delivery of products to the market. We firmly believe that in the coming years, the tower crane lifting opportunity of Guizhou will become a new force in the tower crane industry, and will move towards the market with a better attitude, and get out of Guizhou and rush to the world.

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