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  Guizhou Guizhou force Heavy Industry Co. Ltd. was founded in November 13, 2012, registered capital of 35 million yuan, is located in Guizhou province Guiding County Economic Development Zone Changming Zhejiang Industrial Park, covers an area of 130.4 acres. Adjacent to Guiyang Longdongbao Airport, high - speed railway, high speed, high speed and so on, the transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful. Its main business scope is the production, sale and maintenance of tower crane, its components processing and sales, and the experience of tower crane design, production and after-sales service management. Through recruitment in sales, leasing industry for many years the backbone of the elite, and as a core component of a number of professional and efficient team, constitute the core of the most competitive advantage of the company, the initial formation of a rational structure of knowledge, rich experience and strong combat effectiveness of the sales team, with 13 engineers, electrical machinery manufacturing engineer 8, low voltage operation electrician 8, skilled welder 40, tower crane demolition personnel 6 people. The company will develop innovation ability as the core competitiveness of enterprises, the introduction of France Potain tower crane technology, with ISO9001 standard quality system certification standards, companies use 6S to establish quality management, from product design, procurement, production, inspection, testing, manufacturing to service the whole process control system to ensure the.
  Company to "quality first, the credibility of the eternal, thoughtful service, customer first" for the purpose, to "a sense of responsibility, loyalty, self regulating initiative, rapid implementation, innovation, pursuit of excellence, sustainable development" business philosophy, not only will be limited to the goal of domestic market, at the same time to the depth of the model to the overseas equipment stage the development of.
We firmly believe that under the leadership of Guizhou Li heavy industry leadership and the tireless efforts of Guizhou Li heavy industry workers, Guizhou Guizhou heavy industries will usher in a glorious tomorrow and a better tomorrow.

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